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Some Thoughts on Direct Perception

By Michael Regan Which is to see things as if for the first time and with wonderment. The British artist Cecil Collins said, in a film about his work made in 1983, that direct perception is the view of the world of the child and the fool [or more correctly the “holy”...

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Make the most of the miracle

Miracle of miracles! You have persuaded some players to perform or record your music. That suggests that your relationship with them at least begins on a co-operative footing. But when it comes to rehearsals, how much should you be in charge? Should you let them work...

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Five Paragraphs on John Cage -A Personal View

Every creative artist in whatever field of activity should read at least one book by Cage. Probably the best one to start with is Silence (1961) which was his first published collection of writings, and which usefully sums up his views on music, art, and life in often...

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A Matter of Taste…?

For several years now I have been re-evaluating types of music that I rejected when younger, but now take a keen interest in. Why is this?  I think that when I was a composition student at the old Guildhall School of Music & Drama, back in the 1960s, I was...

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In Praise of the Jazz Standard

By Michael Regan Which is a popular song, or occasionally an instrumental number, frequently used as the basis for improvisation by jazz groups of varying sizes from trios to bands. Usually, the complete song or piece is performed as written followed by solo...

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