Judith Weir CBE, Master of the King's Music
David Matthews



David Arditti

David’s responsibility is to chair meetings of the members and of the committee, to co-ordinate the rest of the committee to ensure the general smooth running of the organisation, and to represent it to outside bodies, including negotiating for sources of funding.

Vice Chair/Webmaster    

Edmund Bloxam

Edmund’s responsibility is to coordinate promotion of group activities, especially regarding social media and internet content. He also coordinates recording efforts (he is a professional audio editor), including mastering. He would chair meetings in David’s absence.


Peter Openshaw

Peter works alongside the other committee members to support them in their own roles and complete administrative tasks as necessary, including taking minutes, distributing notices and maintaining the mailing list.


Martin Jones

Martin is responsible for LCF’s finances as well as keeping our membership records. Martin designs most of our concert posters and programmes.

General Committee Members

We are grateful to Alison Doubleday, Laurence Glazier, Liz Sharma, Simon Tait and Claude Werner for their assistance as general Committee members, as well as to Jon Cross who is taking on the new rôle of Deputy Treasurer.

Ku Hsiang Lin is the true Webmaster. She makes all design decisions, and uploads all material. Edmund collects the content together.

The Committee is elected every year at our Annual General Meeting. We aim to work efficiently so as to leave plenty of time for composing.

If you would like to ask about any aspect of LCF or simply make contact, please use our Contact/Join page to send us a message.