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How to make a payment to LCF

To pay money online to London Composers Forum, please log in to your bank’s web site and make a payment to:

Sort Code 08-92-99
Account No. 65382417

Most banks allow you to give a reference with the payment. Please give one as we need it to identify you and the purpose of the payment. Here are some suggestions (using the fictitious name Robson, please substitute your own name):

If you want to pay for a ticket for the concert on, say, 19 November 2021, use a reference 191121 ROBSON.

If you wish to pay 2021/22 membership, use SUBS21 ROBSON. To make a donation (we would be delighted!), use DONATION ROBSON – in this case you may prefer to remain anonymous, but otherwise please use the Contact/Join page to send us a message about your donation.

Please use something similarly clear for other payments, such as Members’ contributions to professional fees.

Thank you for your payment. LCF is a not-for-profit organisation with charitable aims, although not a registered charity: all funds are used to support the work of the group, including concert expenses.