Judith Weir CBE, Master of the Queen's Music
David Matthews

Martin Jones
I’m a pianist, bass player and cellist living in Berkshire, England. Retired from a non-musical career, I always used to say I worked there in my spare time, much of the rest being music. I compose mainly works for duos, string quartets and small ensembles for people I know to play, but I have written the odd choral work, one orchestral overture and one symphony. My Arctic Adventure Suite was selected by Ablaze Records with the citation “We were very taken and impressed with your Suite. The piece has tremendous instrumental color, beautiful textures, impressive formal structure and most of all uses the orchestra brilliantly.”

Sample works

Here is a link to my Catalogue. It’s a database: the link gets you to a general view, then you can narrow your search by clicking on Filter and Add Filter.

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